Stirring up the Matcha Green Tea Trend


It’s the hipster’s choice of tea, the health fanatics favorite ingredient, and the world’s natural cure to sickness and disease. It’s a trending beverage that has certainly made its mark within the latest generation. However, matcha green tea is far from being a new discovery. This powder tea has been enjoyed since ancient Chinese history, but it's only recently that the Westernized world has taken ahold of it. Today, we’re going to break down the true value and depth of this green powdered tea by stirring up the history of matcha green tea. 


The Secret Ingredient of Matcha Green Tea

The trending bright emerald-colored beverage has one secret ingredient that separates it from all the rest that line the shelves of online tea shops. It’s all about the matcha tea powder, a natural, organic ingredient derived from a tea bush leaf called tencha. However, it’s how these leaves are grown that ultimately makes matcha powder so powerful.

Matcha leaves are grown under highly shaded areas, which slows down the process of photosynthesis, and ultimately the growth of the plant. This results in a dark green tone and the stimulation of chlorophyll and amino acid production. In order to capitalize on the tea leaf’s unique flavor and intensely matcha tea, matcha green tea, matcha tea powder, matcha tea benefits, tea shop, online tea shoptherapeutic qualities, leaves are harvested by hand. The youngest and smallest leaves are carefully selected to ensure the finest quality of matcha green tea.

The History of Matcha Green Tea

Although fairly new in Westernized tea shops, matcha green tea is anything but. In fact, the use of this nutrient-rich, potent green tea powder originated in China back in the 9th century. It’s even been the root of a famous Japanese tea ceremony for more than 900 years. So new, it is not.

Matcha green tea was traditionally used to help treat various ailments. However, it was in the 12th century in Japan when the Buddhist monks started to unveil its true potential; it’s potential to enhance metabolism and increase concentration. Little did they know at
that time that this was only a glimpse at all the benefits it would later offer the rest of the world.

The Benefits Keep Brewing

To list all the powerful benefits of matcha green tea would simply take a lifetime. They really are that vast. However, to give you an idea as to what you can expect, we’ll break down what you receive from every sip you take.

Matcha green tea is high in antioxidants, loaded with catechin, EGCg, and rich in essential nutrients. As a result, you get a blast of health and nutrition that kicks your body, metabolism, mind, and concentration into high gear, making this beverage a perfect choice for the morning.  It’s an excellent alternative to coffee for more reasons than just those mentioned. This delicious tea increases energy levels without giving you the crash that follows other caffeinated beverages. It also burns calories, builds up the immune system and detoxes the body of harmful elements your body is subjected to each and every day.

It’s the ultimate solution to reaching a wide range of goals. Whether weight loss, optimal health, better focus, memory, concentration or just a better lifestyle altogether, matcha green tea puts you a step closer towards achieving everything you want. And it starts with a deliciousness drink. Who knew? 

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The only way to truly experience all the benefits of this flavorful green powder tea is to visit our online shop and taste everything Ancient Chinese history has to offer. Sip your way to a state-of-the-art style of living. Optimal health is a scoop of matcha powder away. Begin your journey today with the Matcha Starter kit


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