Our Story

At Clari-Tea House we love to share our knowledge of tea, and the benefits of our knowledge, with others. Our small team, led by owner and tea master, Jose Acevedo, has spent years cultivating a deep understanding of the medicinal properties of teas, herbs, and vitamins. Our goal is ensure that only finest quality product is offered in our Clari-Tea collection.

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Why Clari-Tea?

Clarity is what we strive for. Understanding the nature of naturally healing botanicals, without bias from preconceived ideas, is our priority. Tea provides you the power to work with your body’s natural systems and nature’s purity and wisdom to achieve a state of tranquility, awareness and balance; a state of clarity that we should strive to achieve every day. Tea exemplifies the core principles of our tea master.

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Meet Jose Acevedo - Clari-Tea Master

Jose loves the culture and history behind the world's second most popular beverage. He believes in well being, self awareness and health consciousness, and leads a "Zen" lifestyle. It's this passion that led him to start his tea business right here in Gilbert, AZ, because he wanted to share his beliefs with others.

Jose, supported by his wife Stephanie and 11 year old son Devin, has dedicated his time in recent years to studying tea. He has studied the science of the Camellia sinensis plant, the species of evergreen shrub or tree whose leaves and buds are used to produce tea. He has studied the natural chemicals in the Camellia sinensis plant that are responsible for all the health benefits (L-Theanine and EGCG), and he's studied the various ways each type of tea is produced.

The Finest Imported Teas From Around The World

Jose has traveled the world to meet the best tea producers, selecting some of the finest teas available anywhere to add to the Clari-Tea collection. When it comes to selecting sources, quality is his guide.  He is dedicated to preserving the powerful nutrients of the tea, often choosing to support the quality and integrity that comes from small farms who favor on-site harvests. 

Each tea is thoroughly scrutinized by Jose, ensuring that each and every tea in our collection delivers on its' promises. It's this knowledge and expertise that's building our reputation for providing excellent teas that in turn promote health consciousness through simplicity and clarity.

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Contact Clari-Tea House

To learn more about us, our story and our teas, email info@clariteahouse.com. We'd be delighted to talk with you.



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