Jasmine Oolong - Clari•Tea House

A medium bodied Oolong with a floral fragrance from jasmine flowers.


Steep for 3 min 195°F (90°C)

HOT 1 tsp of tea : 8oz water 

COLD 2 tsp of tea : 8oz water 

To make iced tea follow steeping guidelines for iced tea then dilute with ice.
When combining teas, follow guidelines for the tea with lowest temperature and steeping time.  
Add more tea instead of time if desiring stronger flavor.
Specific teas will turn bitter if brewed for to long.

Amidst the most fragrant of teas, you’ll find that Jasmine is one of the most compelling. This is a tea that utilizes a base tea, and then is layered with the jasmine sweetness, that comes through with an incredible aroma. In some instances, you’ll find white tea and black tea, but the primary base that you will often find for this is green. Green tea infused with the jasmine notes creates a compelling, popular solution that is quite famous across the world, including China.

Tea has amazing health benefits, and this option is no different. From the aroma therapy options to the caffeine boost, you’ll find that there are a variety of benefits that come through. If one were to drink this tea on a regular basis, cardiovascular health is improved, the immune system is strengthened, and many will even see better digestion and heart health.

While Jasmine tea is not lumped into the same category as many herbal teas, it is considered as one of the primary, normal teas that are infused flowers to gather the scent. The Jasmine flowers are the key ingredient that gives the aroma and beauty of this balanced tea solution. When looking at the flowers of this plant, you’ll find that Jasmine and Sampaguita are two of the main species of the plant. The intensity of the flower, when infused with tea, is similar to the scent that the flowers give.

The Many Benefits of Drinking Jasmine Tea

There are a lot of health benefits associated with drinking tea in general.

The delivery of antioxidants from the tea help with disrupting free radical mutation, which are the basis for cancer cells. Jasmine tea has also been found to be a good option for people dealing with digestive health issues. Those suffering from Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and other stomach issues can find relief with this tea.

There are many vitamins and minerals that are associated with Jasmine tea. This includes a full list of healthy components that include calcium, vitamin E, K, A, folic acid, niacin, copper, and others. Tie this together with oolong tea, and there are even more valuable health elements.

Jasmine Tea's Caffeine Content

It should be noted that there is caffeine found with this tea. However, it is not as potent as other solutions. It’s a lower amount than many other teas, especially if it is made with green tea. The Jasmine element that is found in this infusion of tastes and aromas, lead to a lower push of caffeine than other solutions.

Navigating Different Options of Jasmine Tea

There are several ways to drink Jasmine tea. Many drink it hot, without adding anything to it. But there are some that infuse it with other solutions. This starting point comes from options that infuse different flavors into this combination of Jasmine and green, white, or black teas.

Jasmine Milk Tea, is a starting point that many consider. Milk and sugar are added to the original infusion and combined for a powerful, smooth flavor that is not only fragrant, but is also quite tasty. This can be made with the help of a base. Jasmine base infusions are common with white, black, and other teas that are oxidized with the Jasmine flowers. With less oxidization, these tea infusions create incredible aromas, and distinct flavors.

The Taste Profile of Jasmine Tea

There are millions of people that are curious about Jasmine tea and how it tastes. There are certain teas that have strong taste profiles and require sugar or honey to sweeten things. With different tea bases, Jasmine introduces a sweetness that doesn’t require any sort of sweetness. The aroma and taste is smooth, and while it remains delicate overall, it’s not overpowering with tea flavor. This is why the infusion is one of the most popular options in China.

If you’re a fan of fresh teas, then you will love the way Jasmine keeps. It can stay fresh for a long time, and the taste profile remains for a long period of time. Unlike other teas, Jasmine white, and green infusions could very well stay fresh for 6 months. Black tea infusions can stay upwards of 1 year. Of course, there are care instructions that you may want to follow, such as keeping teas away from moisture, and heat, but overall the Jasmine flowers allow tea to stay fresh, longer than most other options.

At the end of the day, Jasmine tea is a versatile, fresh, and healthy tea solution.