Monkey Picked Oolong - Clari•Tea House
A superb oolong tea that's lightly oxidized. Highly prized and hand picked, excellent for multiple infusions.

Steep for 3min 195°F (90°C)

HOT 1 tsp of tea : 8oz water 

COLD 2 tsp of tea : 8oz water 

To make iced tea follow steeping guidelines for iced tea then dilute with ice.
When combining teas, follow guidelines for the tea with lowest temperature and steeping time.  
Add more tea instead of time if desiring stronger flavor.
Specific teas will turn bitter if brewed for to long.

When looking at the leaves, you’ll notice that they are quite large, with a subtle twist. Open them up and you’ll find an incredible scent. The aroma that comes across is sweet, and refreshing, with a nod to the Earth. Monkey Picked Oolong Tea is praised by experts, and handpicked for a variety of infusions.

Going forward to the profile, you will find that the taste is clean, and smooth. There’s no harsh element of tea, there’s a bright aroma that comes through with no after taste, and a cleanliness that is nothing short of compelling.

It should be noted that this is one of the most revered teas in the world. If you look at the history of this tea, it dates back into antiquity. Experts have noted mentions of this tea in the annals of 18th century Chinese writing.

If you read the legends of this incredible tea, you’ll find that it has religious meaning. Buddhists taught monkeys to climb at young ages. They trained them to go upwards into the mountains and look for the tips of the wild tea that grew in high altitudes. They would bring back young leaves and they would be turned into the most complex of Oolong teas.

These teas would be given to royalty, and enjoyed by the Imperial court, for the decadent alone.

Notes on Tasting

Orchid aroma opens to a clean, smooth, and floral finish.

Caffeine Content

Oolong Tea is not usually a heavy caffeinated drink. Expect to only yield about a fourth of the caffeine that you would expect from coffee.

Extra Focus

It is important that you do not over do it. Using too much of this tea is not a good thing. When infusing, wait for the leaves to unfurl, and to expand. Overdoing it with the infusion will cause the leaves and possibly water to overflow.

One last note, you can typically reuse these leaves 3 times overall. Enjoy!